Exchange for Jewellery

Exchange your gold any time for your favourite jewellery from us.
No deduction. no wastages.

Step 2

Start buying gold in small quantity, for as low as ₹ 100/-

Step 3

Digital gold bought by you is stored in a secure vault managed by Brink's and your interests are protected by Vistra, an independent Security Trustee.

Step 4

Visit our store to get your desired jewellery in exchange for the Digital Gold bought by you without any deductions or wastages.

Rest assured you can always sell back your digital gold on our website through the Live Sell Price and get funds in your bank account instead of exchanging for jewellery.

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What is Digital Gold?

Digital Gold is a simple and transparent gold savings option through which you can buy 24K vault stored physical gold via our website. Your gold is safely stored in a secure vault managed by Brink's. You can decide at any time to exchange your digital gold balance for your choice of jewellery at our retail outlet.

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Why Digital Gold?

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Affordable Purchases

Gold purchases do not always have to be in large quantities. With digital gold, you can buy gold worth any amount, starting at just ₹ 100.

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Secure Storage

Digital gold purchased via our website is stored in a secure vault managed by Brink's and without any storage cost for 5 years. Customer interests are protected by Vistra, an independent Security Trustee.


Guaranteed Purity

Buying digital gold assures you the guarantee of 24K gold, Always.

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Systematic Growth

Start small with SIPs. Generate long term wealth by accumulating digital gold every month using a systematic saving plan.


Quick Accessibility

Track your gold holdings, transactions and real time saving details at your fingertips.

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High Liquidity

With Digital gold, you can exchange it for jewellery, convert to physical gold, and sell anytime through the platform.



Complete your online transactions with 100% transparency and convenience.

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How To Buy Gold Online

4 easy steps to starting your digital gold purchase

Step 1

Enter an amount in ₹ or grams. You can buy gold of a fixed worth, or buy by weight at the live market rate.

Step 2

Choose your payment method.

Step 3

Review your order and select the Debit Card or UPI you’d like to use.

Step 4

Done! View your gold locker. Your account is updated instantly, and can be accessed 24/7.

Start small with SIP

Purchase gold in small fixed amounts every month and grow your wealth smarter. Start with as small as 100!

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Decide your SIP payment frequency and installment amount, starting as low as ₹ 100.


Choose your plan starting date and the duration.


Choose a payment method.


Create your SIP and begin saving monthly!

Get Gold Delivered

You can exchange your gold for gold coins that will be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Step 1

Select a denomination

Log in to your Account. Select the denomination of gold you want to withdraw from your holdings, starting at 0.5 gms.

Step 2

Pay making charges

Confirm your transaction by paying the additional making and delivery charge.

Step 3

Select delivery address

Your gold product will be delivered at your notified address by a logistics provider arranged by the Company.

Step 4

Delivery to your doorstep

You will receive a dispatch confirmation and can track your package online until it is delivered to your doorstep!

Sell Digital Gold

You can sell any amount of gold from your holdings at any time!

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Step 1


Log into your account and check the current gold selling price.

Step 2

Enter amount to sell

Choose to sell any amount of gold that you own, starting at ₹ 1.

Step 3

Receive payment

Your transaction charges will be disclosed in advance, and the rest of your proceeds will be sent to your bank account within 4 working days.

Safety Ensured

The gold you buy is 24K 99.5% pure, of international standard, and stored in a world-class secure vault managed by Brink's, with Vistra, an independent Security Trustee, protecting your interests at all times.

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Secured by

Brinks Vistra

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A Partnership You Can Trust

{{distributor_name}}, in association with SafeGold, provides a digital platform that allows you to buy gold online and exchange it into your desired jewellery Or, you can take delivery of 24K physical gold at your doorstep or Sell it back to us online. SafeGold understand that you care about the quality of gold you buy and is committed to ensure your peace of mind when it comes to gold savings.

SafeGold offers the greatest security to all your purchases at {{distributor_name}} by working with partners such as Brink's India to store your gold with utmost security and Vistra to protect your financial interests always.

Only international standard 24K pure gold is sourced from approved sources, and all the gold is regularly audited for purity and weight.

About SafeGold

SafeGold is a product of Digital Gold India Pvt Ltd, a company backed by institutions and venture capital; committed to using technology to improve transparency & efficiency in the gold market.

We are an institutionally owned company including Invent Capital, Beenext Ventures and Pravega Ventures. Our team brings experience across the PE, Financial Services, Jewellery and Technology sectors, combining an institutional approach with a startup mindset.

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Your digital gold journey now made simple and transparent, for you to securely save up for your jewellery wish list!